Best flight search Tool – Google Flights

Whether you are a travel freak, or have to travel for personal or business reasons, one of the most expensive part of your trip is your flight tickets. You search a number of airlines website to find the cheapest and the best flight or there are travel websites which show their own fares. This is really cumbersome and you may still not be able to find the best flight. But, there is one stop solution available is Google Flights which is the best flight search tool i have ever found. It gives you a number of filters to choose best and the cheapest flights along with many other advantages. Here is how we can use the tool and what all benefits the tool gives you.

As you will open the link, you will find the below tool


It has generic fields like Round Trip or One way. But it also give option for multi-city which is generally not present in other tools. There is an option of selecting the class(default is economy) and number of passengers. You can input the departure city and arrival city and the departure date and return date depending upon whether it is one way or round trip.  You can change the default currency from Menu at top left near Flights

Now -What is different?

The above options are available in most of tools. Here are the advantages of using Google Flights.

  1. Latest prices: Unlike i found in most tools, the price here are the latest.
  2. Choice of Airline: If you see under departure date, you have option of choosing the Airline.
  3. Time flexibility:There is an option of choosing the times of the day.
  4. Choice of separate tickets: Under More, you will find an option to buy separate tickets for departure and return.
  5. Displays cheapest flight option: The most important one I like. Just click on the Departure date.  A calendar will open up as belowGoogle Flights Tool BarUnder each date you will see Price. The lower prices are marked in green. This price includes both return fare as well if Round trip is chosen and is based on number of passengers. Personally, I prefer choosing 1 adult which is default to compare fares. If you click on the arrow, you can see prices of future months as well. Now once you choose a departure date on this calendar, it will provide you with info on the dates which will give you least fare.
  6. Choice of destination: If you have traveled a number of places and are unsure of where to go, just enter the departure city and the dates, it will give you options for most favorable travel destinations.
  7. Tips : You may miss the cheapest flight but google doesn’t. Once you have chosen everything, it will provide a tip if by minor adjustment of dates, you could save money.

Hope, you would be able to save a lot of money!!!

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