Love compatibility of Aries – 2

Aries compatibility with Libra
They are very different from each other and because of that they can learn a lot from one another. Aries is aggressive, impatient; active on the other hand Libra is quit and peaceful. Libra the warm and passionate will make a welcome home for the fiery and impetuous Aries. This will be particularly true if both individuals are on the same cultural and intellectual plane. The aggressive nature of Aries will arouse the sensual potential of Libra. However, the love life between this pair may well be quite unconventional, given that Libra really desires peace, quiet and harmony unlike Aries, who wants action and adventure. Both of them are fond of the social life, entertaining and pleasure, but they are also restless in different ways.

Aries compatibility with Scorpio
Aries and Scorpios are less compatible with each other in relationship. Love between this pairing can be a bonfire. Both are physical, energetic and passionate. Scorpio may also be intimidated by the leadership tendencies of Aries and this could create resentment. Both of them desire to maintain control over each other as they have forceful personality. Aries will refuse to take orders and Scorpio will refuse to take a back seat, this will probably be an unstable partnership with an extremely low ignition point.

Aries compatibility with Sagittarius
They both make an ideal partnership. Sagittarius natives are of an ideal temperamental match for Aries. Both are active and spontaneous individuals who enjoy socializing and have extravagant tastes in common. In short, they are made for each other. The forceful sexual approach of the Aries native is not always compatible with the playful style of Sagittarius, but both possess a wonderful sense of humor and they will never fail to thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.

Aries compatibility with Capricorn
Aries the fire sign and Capricorn the earth sign does not share good relationship. Aries is fiery in nature while Capricorn is far more down to earth, being cautious and reserved. Aries prefers to take action while Capricorn would rather plan and wait. Future of their relationship depends on their tolerance power. Capricorn is conservative so they do not like change where as Aries like new ideas. Aries is restless and impulsive, while Capricorn is ordered, settled and practical.

Aries compatibility with Aquarius
These two highly independent signs get along surprisingly well. They give each other the freedom to be themselves. They respect each other’s personal drive and ambition. Each is self-sufficient, candid, direct and outgoing. Aquarius is into his own intellectual pursuits, networking, and collecting an impressive array of helpful friends. Consequently, the Aries partner in this combination may well feel neglected at times. Although Aries will find Aquarius unpredictability exciting, this does leave a feeling of insecurity.

Aries compatibility with Pisces
They admire, love and sometimes, hate each other. Pisces will always try to calm down the fiery temperament of Aries, and will not always succeed. Aries loves the sense of belongings towards a Piscean. Though sometimes Aries could be rough and cruel towards their Piscean mate. Aries will draw Pisces out of their shell, and in turn will be hypnotized by Pisces’ seductive and mysterious sexuality. The boldness and confidence of Aries plus Pisces intuitions and fantasies add up to an eventful union.


Love compatibility of Aries with other signs

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