Love compatibility of Aries

Aries compatibility with Aries
They both enjoy a peaceful or quiet relationship if they are not dominating and forceful otherwise conflict will assuredly arise as both will desire to be head of the household and family. The Aries female have dominating nature. They have to try harder to get their way than domineering males. Quite often, Aries relationship that begins with much promise ends in disharmony.

Aries compatibility with Taurus
Aries and Taurus enjoy a truly wonderful match and often make for a winning combination. Taurus admires the outward nature of Aries and Aries admires the earthy nature of Taurus. They both have different personalities however and, sometimes, the very qualities they initially appreciate in each other are the ones, which over time they can come to dislike. Both of these natives are highly sensual, but Aries may become annoyed by the deliberate pace and unimaginative romantic overtures of Taurus. It is with time that Aries will eventually come to deeply appreciate the steadiness and dependability offered by the Taurus nature. 

Aries compatibility with Gemini
Aries is a creature of initiative and self-confidence where as Gemini a spirit of intellect and ideas. They can have new thoughts, pioneering insights, and vigorous communication. They both love to They are restless and anxious to try new things, so they share a special compatibility. Gemini is a mercurial sign and the mind plays an important part in all sexual encounters. The emotional Mars-influenced Aries native may prove be too much for the conventional nature of Gemini. Gemini may seek extra outside stimulation, but he or she is likely to be discreet about it. Both minds mesh well here Aries being dynamic and intelligent with Gemini being versatile and ingenious. In sexual terms, Aries is likely to be the leader but Gemini will take delight in thinking up variations to keep Aries’ interest at a peak.

Aries compatibility with Cancer
Cancer loves hearth and home but Aries hates to be tied down. Resentments can build and then arguments ensue over trifles. Aries possesses a sharp tongue that frequently wounds the more vulnerable Cancer. The more aggressive the Aries individual becomes, then the more defensive Cancer becomes. Aries can also be a moody individual; such moodiness is not as prevalent as that of Cancer. When two moody people live together, the end result can be chaos.

Aries compatibility with Leo
Both are very emotional individuals. Aries is drive, ambition, and competitive spirit wrapped in a generous helping of courage where as Leo is leadership, vitality, and charisma with enough flamboyance and flair to hog center spotlight on any stage he chooses all night long. It is very important for both of them that they should allow each other to hold the center of the floor on occasions. They both are egoistic and want to lead. Aggressive Aries would never wants to be on second place and even the Leo requires constant admiration. If both are ready to compromise in the area of domination, then this should be an extremely happy combination.

Aries compatibility with Virgo
Compatibility between Aries and Virgo is very difficult as both have different kinds of energy. Aries the Great Warrior and Virgo the Great Workaholic need some mutual focus to keep this arrangement going. Virgo natives are prone to faultfinding and will often prove to be far too precise for the Aries personality. Virgo space and acknowledge the inherent virtues of this Sign, then the two can make for a dynamic relationship. The passions of Aries natives are impulsive and direct, but the sexuality of Virgo is more enigmatic and takes time to be revealed. Virgo greatly disapproves of the Aries extravagance, while Aries considers Virgo cold and carping.

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