Love compatibility of Cancer – 2

Cancer compatibility with Libra

Cancer and Libra have some things in common, but their differences are much more then the similarities they have. For this pairing to work, a lot of work is needed. Both are generally friendly, easy-going individuals. This relationship will not last long, if the Libra partner is not willing to spend a considerable amount of time catering to the needs of Cancer. Cancer is more comfortable with becoming emotionally or financially dependent, or to have the chosen partner dependent in such a manner. Libra, on the other hand, wants a more egalitarian relationship.

Cancer compatibility with Scorpio

Cancer and Scorpio combination proves to be much more compatible. There is a major attraction to be found here, coupled with strong possessiveness on both sides. Both Cancer and Scorpio share a pure empathy, coupled with a very long memory for both the best and the worst. Both of them can keep each other’s secrets safe and feel secure in each other’s company. At times, the sensitive Cancer may feel that his or her Scorpio partner is being driven more by instinct and lust than true love and this could become something of an issue.

Cancer compatibility with Sagittarius

Cancer and Sagittarius combination does not prove to be good or long lasting match. Cancer is rather up close and personal in character, while Sagittarius is more gregarious and independent. The preferred lifestyles of this combination are very different affairs. Cancer loves the home and all things familiar. Versatile and adventurous, Sagittarius enjoy travel and exploring, and their minds are continually searching for new experiences. They are always ready to take risks. Both partners would need to be immensely creative and imaginative in order to find ways to meet the needs of all concerned.

Cancer compatibility with Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn are two opposite signs and are subject to attract each other with a yearning for whatever the other might have. There can be a good balance here between Cancer’s sensitivity and intuitiveness, and the down-to-earth approach of the practical Capricorn. Both tend to focus on security and are not prone to be risk-takers or even very adventurous. Those governed by Capricorn are perfectly able to go it alone. Cancer is just the opposite. Both Cancer and Capricorn tend to be leaders and both share a love of collecting antiques or memorabilia. Both are conservative and will.

Cancer compatibility with Aquarius

Cancer and Aquarius are less compatible for each other. Cancer is closed and reserved kind of person whereas Aquarius is open and friendly person. Cancer is emotional while Aquarius is rational, even aloof. Cancer is a home loving body where as Aquarius is very friendly and loves to be a group of people. Cancer needs a level of emotional bonding and nurturing that Aquarius may well be incapable of providing.

Cancer compatibility with Pisces

This pairing has great potential for a lifelong friendship since Pisces is always willing to listen and Cancer will always be caring. This combination is a shared relationship of feeling, sympathy, understanding and emotional rapport. Both are artistic and creative individuals who share an appreciation for art, music and most other forms of cultural pursuits. They both are always willing to compromise and sympathize one another. Pisces never remembers anything because of their absent minded nature where as on the other hand Cancer will never forget a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion.

Love compatibility of Cancer with other signs