Love compatibility of Cancer

Cancer compatibility with Aries

Cancer and Aries both of them finds difficult to be compatible for each other. Aries might be in a wonderful mood but the Cancer partner is not. Aries may be successful in cheering Cancer and thus create a balance. Cancer will hold on with the tenacity of a crab, there is a tendency to back away from situations, which may have been hurtful in the past. This combination finds fascination in each other at the beginning, but sexual attraction often fades in the face of many temperamental differences. Aries leaps without looking while Cancer is cautious. Aries possesses a sharp tongue that frequently wounds the more vulnerable Cancer.

Cancer compatibility with Taurus

Taurus simply cannot get too much affection and tender loving care, which Cancer is more than willing to provide. On the other hand, Taurus will protect Cancer from the cold world by supplying solid and secure assets. Both of them are home loving, emotional and sensual partners. They are concerned with safety. Both of them should be flexible enough in order to last this relationship. Taurus should try new things and should come out form his or her super-safe surroundings. Cancer will have to step out of his or her beloved routines and also try something new.

Cancer compatibility with Gemini

The relationship between Cancer and Gemini sign is not so successful. While Gemini is constantly on the alert for change, Cancer is satisfied with becoming a truly domesticated mate. Cancer’s are more moody than Gemini. Compatibility between female Gemini and male Cancer is much better, particularly if there are several children to occupy the time of the Gemini female. Since Cancer is driven by emotion and feelings and, in general, prefers the constant, Gemini’s unstoppable movement will prove to be very unsettling to this combination.

Cancer compatibility with Cancer

Both partners are sensitive, sympathetic, emotional and moody. Feelings will run deep and everything will be taken personally. Cancer individual’s likes to spend more time with family and prefer to remain at home as long as possible. Thus, both will be clannish and creative, taking an avid interest in gardening, cooking and other similar activities. The comfort level is much high between them, but sometime their moodiness can create problems between them.

Cancer compatibility with Leo

Cancer desperately needs someone to support him and Leo is the one who provide him such support. Thus, for this relationship to work, Leo must be given recognition, respect and appreciation. Both are lovers of comfort and security, thus made a good match. In addition, both will enjoy having a lovely home and close-knit family. Because both signs here are so strong-minded, this pair must work constantly and attentively toward understanding and acceptance. Both of these individuals are inclined to take charge and many disputes may arise because of this.

Cancer compatibility with Virgo

Cancer individuals live within their deep feelings while Virgo natives are more pragmatic in character, being aloof and practical. Both have different approach to life, even though they are not totally incompatible. Both of them home loving and are committed to those they care for. The danger here is that the Cancer partner will eventually feel neglected and hurt by Virgo’s lack of attention. This relationship has much potential, but it will ultimately be the responsibility of the Virgo partner to put forth the most effort in making things work.

Love compatibility of Cancer with other signs