Love compatibility of Leo

Leo compatibility with Aries

Both are very emotional individuals. Aries is drive, ambition, and competitive spirit wrapped in a generous helping of courage where as Leo is leadership, vitality, and charisma with enough flamboyance and flair to hog center spotlight on any stage he chooses all night long. It is very important for both of them that they should allow each other to hold the center of the floor on occasions. They both are egoistic and want to lead. Aggressive Aries would never want to be on second place and even the Leo requires constant admiration. They are fiery and romantic people thus share lovely sexual compatibility. Aries is optimistic and open to life. Leo is generous and good at heart.

Leo compatibility with Taurus

Both of them are lovers of beauty and comfort, possessing high ideas, fidelity and also loves good food and music in other words, both crave the best life has to offer. When Leo passion meets Taurus sensuality, there is often a volcanic physical attraction as each tests the strength of the other. Given the money-management abilities inherent in the Taurus nature, this union could lead to a most royal lifestyle. However, tension between these two fixed signs is usually inevitable and Leo may play a dangerous game within this combination by denying his or her Taurus partner affection or sex. They should build emotional security in order to make good relations between them.

Leo compatibility with Gemini

Since Leo loves first with the heart and Gemini with the mind, this combination will soon find out that they are probably totally unsuited to each other. On the surface, there is likely to be great deal of mutual attraction. Generous Leo is usually willing to bend in whatever direction is needed provided flattery leads the way and both individuals possess a somewhat childlike, playful and fun-loving side which surfaces easily when they are together. There is also a mutual appreciation of drama and color, and each finds the other to be delightful and interesting in many areas.

Leo compatibility with Cancer

Both partners take life very personally perhaps more personally than either might realize. Both are fiercely loyal Signs, even to the point of possessiveness. Both are lovers of comfort and security, thus made a good match. In addition, both will enjoy having a lovely home and close-knit family. Leo is certain to bring flair and passion to this combination, while Cancer will undoubtedly display a sensitive and intense instinct to nurture. Because both Signs here are so strong-minded, this pair must work constantly and attentively toward understanding and acceptance. Both of these individuals are inclined to take charge and many disputes may arise because of this.

Leo compatibility with Leo

Leo and Leo are not so compatible to one another. Both wants to be the center of attention but there can only be one center. Nonetheless, since a Leo individual tends to love with all of his or her heart, this trait could go far in overcoming some of the worse aspects associated with this Leo/Leo combination. They are extravagant, money slips through their fingers. Thus, perhaps the desire for both partners to have a career is a necessary component for a successful relationship one partners standing a chance of continuing to pay the bills in the event the other partners fails. This Sign is associated with a strong sex drive and thus, both partners here will be compatible.

Leo compatibility with Virgo

Virgos are generally not attracted to Leo individuals. The attitude of both partners in this respect will go far in breaking up the relationship. The fiery sexuality of Leo here will fail to be matched by Virgo since Virgo is rather easily satisfied and has no need for games or fantasies. Approach to the earning power of each may also be a source of irritation to the Virgo partner, being a Sign which can work long and hard hours barely making a living while waiting for one of Leo’s wild schemes to pay off. Leo and Virgo relationship depends on their tolerance power which is the main ingredient of the union.

Love compatibility of Leo with other signs