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Pisces compatibility with other signs

Pisces compatibility with Libra

Libra is gregarious and fun loving. Pisces feels neglected, and whines and scolds. Pisces senses that Libra’s commitment is often insincere and that Libra’s charm is mostly superficial. Sexually, Libra has to take the lead, and finds that most annoying. Pisces watch out for attachment and merging. Libra has to watch out for being hot then cold or intimate then superficial.

Pisces compatibility with Scorpio

You begin the relationship gradually trying to understand each other. There are lots of suspicions and misgivings. Scorpio considers Pisces impractical and too simple. But Scorpio can adjust well with Pisces. Scorpio’s strength is a perfect compliment for Pisces’s indecisiveness. In turn, Pisces’s imagination sparks Scorpio’s creativity. Pisces is able to give Scorpio the devotion and admiration it craves, and their mutual fascination with lovemaking provides a fine romantic aura. Pisces’s flair for the bizarre adds spice to Scorpio’s desires and the intense emotional needs of both signs neatly complement each other.

Pisces compatibility with Sagittarius

Pisces is drawn to Sagittarius’s life force and Sagittarius is attracted to Pisces’s spirituality. But Sagittarius needs a pal and Pisces needs a dream lover and neither can help the other. Pisces are mergers. They become one with their partners and definitely enjoy a variety of intimate ways of expressing their sexuality. Sag is fiery and fast. They are passionate but to them sex must be an adventure not to get sticky with but rather a chance to enjoy another fast adventure. The sweet spiritual planet of Neptune, God of the Ocean, rules Pisces. Neptune dissolves out boundaries and opens us to the magic of the watery world.

Pisces compatibility with Capricorn

Capricorn feels relaxed in the company of Pisces. Pisces adds romance and taught to this relationship. Capricorn can sometimes be sarcastic and hurting. Even Pisces could withdraw and be aloof, causing hurt to Capricorn. This relationship takes long to become happy and meaningful.Capricorn provides ballast for Pisces’s drifting dreaminess and supplies the stability that Pisces needs and admires. And there is nothing Capricorn likes better than being admired. Pisces’ taste for the bizarre may even influence Capricorn’s conventional passions. Pisces’ generous affections and Capricorn’s strong sense of loyalty combine to make each feel safe and protected. These very different people meet each other’s needs.

Pisces compatibility with Aquarius

Aquarius is brooding, pessimistic and overly dependent upon Pisces whereas Pisces loves Aquarius though sometimes feels stifled in this relationship. Aquarius is intrigued by Pisces’s romantic charm and Pisces is drawn to Aquarius’s visionary ideals. Sensual, imaginative Pisces will go along with anything, Aquarius wants and they achieve and unusual intimacy. On the other hand, once Aquarius feels that they have a friend who doesn’t want to own them and who supports their idealistic vision they can take you on a physical journey that makes the wait worthwhile.

Pisces compatibility with Pisces

In this association the female could be jealous and too demanding. And the male tends to be flirtatious. There are frequent quarrels. Both need to spend more time with each other. It takes long to overcome mutual distrust and fears. When two Pisces join together in a love match, there is a union of two sensitive and emotional people. They share honest, efficient communication, a rich emotional bond and a deep spiritual connection. Both feel that their precious relationship is the most wonderful thing in the world, and it couldn’t get any better. They share a love of beauty and peace unparalleled in the Zodiac, and both are equally committed to maintaining this ideal relationship.

Love compatibility of Pisces with other signs

Love compatibility of Capricorn

Capricorn compatibility with Aries

They both are very strong personalities and are interested in leadership, progress, achievement, and winning. They differ significantly, though, in their levels of patience and the methods they will employ to acquire success as they define it. They are not compatible to each other as Capricorn is considered to be the Empire-builder whereas Aries is the Warrior. This is not a good combination. Capricorn are conservative so they do not like change where as Aries like new ideas. Aries is restless and impulsive, while Capricorn is ordered, settled and practical.

Capricorn compatibility with Taurus

Taurus and Capricorn combination is an excellent match with each fully appreciating what the other has to contribute. Both of them value stability, practicality, and tangible achievement. Both want things, possessions they can point to that attest to their personal value, skill, and worth. These are two well-grounded, no-nonsense, status-conscious, financially ambitious souls. They share numerous compatible views about life and the way the world works. Both Signs are earthy, practical, reserved and loyal.

Capricorn compatibility with Gemini

Gemini and Capricorn are not easily compatible to each other. With Capricorn, patience is most definitely a virtue, but not so with Gemini. Unless Gemini is not willing to take the Capricorn’s good advice, there will be much dissention and unhappiness in this relationship. So Gemini is light, changeable, unreliable and sometimes frivolous, frets about loss of liberty. Gemini likes to play, especially with words or ideas but Capricorn does not. Gemini’s desire for a stimulating experience does little to make Capricorn feel secure and Capricorn’s sober outlook often puts a damper on Gemini’s high spirits.

Capricorn compatibility with Cancer

Cancer and Capricorn are two opposite signs and are subject to attract each other with a yearning for whatever the other might have. There can be a good balance here between Cancer’s sensitivity and intuitiveness, and the down-to-earth approach of the practical Capricorn. Both tend to focus on security and are not prone to be risk-takers or even very adventurous. Those governed by Capricorn are perfectly able to go it alone. Cancer is just the opposite. Both Cancer and Capricorn tend to be leaders and both share a love of collecting antiques or memorabilia.

Capricorn compatibility with Leo

Capricorn can hurt Leo’s sensibilities and pride. Leo could mistreat Capricorn. You have to fight it out before establishing any rapport. Both are highly sexed, but with basic differences. Leo needs glamour in lovemaking and Capricorn can’t supply it. This affair will be on the rocks before it even leaves the dock. Capricorns are passionate; that is probably one of the Zodiac’s greatest secrets. Capricorns love the apparent confidence that the Lion has and Leo likes the rock hard stability in Capricorn.

Capricorn compatibility with Virgo

There is strong attraction between them. Capricorn feels secure in Virgo’s company. Virgo has implicit faith and trust in Capricorn’s judgment. Both are methodical, practical and ambitious. Virgo is more romantic. Virgo and Capricorn is a harmonious pair. Capricorn’s ambition and drive for success meshes well with Virgo’s perfectionism and energy. Both are diligent, disciplined, and have a sense of purpose. They admire one another and take great pride in pleasing each other. Both need respect and approval.

Love compatibility of Capricorn with other signs