How to watch live TV channels for free

There are times when you want to watch live TV channels on your mobile or on TV when you away from your home country and the channels are not available in other countries. We can watch live TV channels for free. You need to perform a one time set up.

Requirements for free live TV channel set up

  1. High speed Internet
  2. For watching live TV channels on Mobiles, the mobile should be a smartphone
  3. For TV, either your TV should be smart TV or you will require an android box where you can download the applications. Or if you have Miracast dongle, you can do the setup on mobile and cast it on TV.


a) Installing KODI

KODI is an App which has number of pre-installed TV addons. First step is to Install KODI App from Google Play.

KODI for live TV channels

b) Installing FUSION:

Fusion is an installer which allows you to add more TV addons on the KODI application. It has unlimited number of choices. You can choose the addons based on your need and add it to KODI.

  1. Open the APP and click “file Manager” tab under SYSTEM Tab
  2. Click on “Add Source”
  3. A text input box with “NONE” written inside will appear.
  4. Select the box and type “ ” without quotes.
  5. Click on “Done”
  6. Under the box you will find Enter a name for this media Source. You can type any name. Let’s mark it as fusion and click OK. Now you have installed fusion on your device. You can see that “fusion” is listed within the “File manager” window.

c) Installing TV addons:

You can consider TV addons as applications linking to different live TV channels. Although KODI has its preinstalled Addons but the list may not contain all the required addons. Now using the fusion tool installed above, you will should be able to choose TV addons based on which channels you require. I will name a few along with set up.

  1. From Home screen, press the SYSTEM tab and then press
  2. Choose “Install from zip file” and then choose fusion (or whatever you have named)live-tv-channels-3
  3. Now go to “xbms-repos”. This repository contains large number of add
  4. Inside “xbms-repos” choose “International”. The  “international” option has maximum number of addons but you can search all the repositories here. live-tv-channels-5
  5. Choose the channels corresponding to your country. The following steps needs needs to be repeated to choose.I will use the “shani” repository as an example it contains ZEM TV-addon which is used to watch most of Indian channels.
  6. Choose “”. A message “Shani Add on enabled” appears at right hand corner for a short time. You have added Shani repository to KODI.
  7. Now go to “Install from Repository” this time and choose Shanis Addon Repository.
  8. Choose Video Addons and then choose
  9. A pop with “Add on information” will appear.
  10. Press Install. The pop up will disappear and downloading will start and it will show Enabled once done.
  11. Now go to home page, under VIDEOS tab, press add-ons. You will be able to Click on it and enjoy the channels you want.
  12. Under sports, you can also enjoy latest cricket matches live under

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